Speech and Language Therapist in a Multilingual World


Speech and language therapists have often been trained to work with monolingual children. Yet, bilingual children often fill their case load. This can lead to over and under diagnosis. It further raises questions re the language of treatment and the language use at home. 


Bilingualism Matters @ BIU.IL offers workshops and training that are aimed to advance understanding of the nature of bilingualism, typical milestones in bilingual acquisition, ways to disentangle bilingualism from Developmental language Disorders, and more.


Members of Bilingualism Matters @ BIU.IL are also happy to provide onsite support for Child Development Centers and Clinics both with pressing questions and with professional development.



נייר עמדה של אישל"ה

Position paper of ISHLA (in Hebrew)

Training for SLTs, 25.10.19. Bar Ilan University. Hadar Oz-Abutbul, Carmit Altman and other members of Bilingualism Matters@BIU.IL offer training for DLD day on the profile of bilinguals, assessment of DLD in bilinguals and how to treat bilingual children in the clinic.

For Speech Language Therapists

Branch Aims:


  • Raise public awareness about multilingualism and multiculturalism in societal and educational contexts by providing information and advice for parents, educators, health providers and policymakers.

  • Encourage development of tools for parents to maintain the home language and to raise the awareness of teachers and clinicians about the need to include the home language in assessment procedures and intervention plans.

  • Influence state policy about multilingualism by promoting bilingualism in the education system, by encouraging employment of multilingual staff and interpreters in the health system and by developing and making available multilingual communal services.

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Prof. Sharon Armon-Lotem
Branch Director
Dr. Carmit Altman
Deputy Director
Carmit Altman’s research deals with language development in preschool bilingual children with and without impairment. She works on assessment tools for screening children’s early language development, including assessment of narrative abilities and their relation to sociolinguistic identity. Her research is currently funded by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF 863/14) and the Israel Ministry of Education. Her publications have appeared in Applied Psycholinguistics, Journal of Mu
Mrs. Hadar Oz-Abutbul
Dissemination Coordinator
Hadar Oz-Abutbul is a Speech and Language Therapist, clinic manager, a PhD student, and a research assistant at Bar Ilan University. Her main interests focus on differentiating bilingual children with and without DLD, DLD diagnosis and treatment. She is the initiator and promoter of Theoretical and Practical workshops for SLP's, educational and health care staff dealing with linguistic profile, and diagnosis and treatment of bilingual children.
Prof. Elinor Saiegh-Haddad
Dr. Michal Ben Shachar
Prof. Joel Walters
Dr. Natalia Meir
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