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Courses 2018-2019

37-922 Psycholinguistics and Research Methods for Graduate Students (Fall 2018)

37-924 Theoretical Approaches to Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) (Fall 2018)

37-500 Language Acquisition (Spring 2019)


Yael Laure (PhD) -  Processing Modes and Representation

Julia Resnik (PhD) - Regular and Irregular Morphology in Russian-Hebrew Bilingual Development

Oshrat Zaviv (PhD with Yael Greenberg) - Children's sensitivity to Focus Effects:Question Answer

Congruence and Focus Sensitive Expressions

Hadar Abutbul-Oz (PhD).Use of Parental Questionnaires in the diagnosis of Language Impairment

among Bilingual Children

Naila Abu Shaqra (PhD with with Elinor Saiegh-Haddad) Acquisition of verb and sentence structure in Palestinian Arabic: Typical and atypical development

Sandy Gluk (PhD with Joel Walters & Jonathan Fine ) A systemic analysis of non-related

responses and their preceding questions in the autism spectrum

Karen Rose (MA) - English as a Heritage Language in Israel: The Age Effect

Ronald Shabtaev (MA with Joel Walters) - Cross-generational Differences in Language Use among Mountain Jews in Israel – Psycholinguistic and Sociolinguistic Perspectives

Maram Amara (MA with Elinor Saiegh-Haddad) Specific language impairment (SLI) effect on word

and non-word repetition

Moria Aricha (MA with Tamar Zilberg and Uri Rasovsky, Psychology) - The relationship between

linguistic skills, culture and cognitive flexibility among bilingual and monolingual children in Israel

Odelya Ohana (PhD)

Lina Hashoul-Essa (PhD)

Hila Peretz (MA)

Amna Halabi (MA with Elinor Saiegh-Haddad)

Rawya Taha (MA with Elinor Saiegh-Haddad)


Tamara Goldstein. 2017. Vocabulary and meta-linguistics awareness of monolingual and

bilingual pre-school children (MA with Carmit Altaman, Education)

Sarit Ben Oved. 2016. Lexicon and Identity among Hebrew Monolingual and Bilingual

Children from an Amharic-Hebrew Setting

Natalia Meir. 2016. Language Proficiency in Bilingual Russian-Hebrew Speaking

Children – Internal and External variables (PhD)

Roula Abu-Kishk (MA). 2016. Acquisition of Exhaustivity in WH-questions among Arabic

Speaking Children with Typical Language Development (TLD) and Children with Learning Disabilities (LD) (MA)

Peri Iluz Cohen. 2015. Language Proficiency, Executive Control and Language Control:

Bilingual and Monolingual Children with Typical Language Development and with SLI (PhD)

Debbie Sarig. 2014.  Bidirectional transfer and the functional system of English-Hebrew

bilingual children with Typical Language Development (TLD) or Specific Language Impairment (SLI) (MA)

Odelya Ohana. 2014. Using Parental Reports to assess the Language Development of

English-Hebrew Bilingual children ages 2-3 (MA)

Reem Bshara. 2013. -  Acquisition of Relative Clauses in Palestinian Arabic Vernacular

(PAV) (PhD)

Efrat Harel. 2013. The Profile of Typically-Developing Bilingual Children (PhD)

Tehila Shpack. 2012. Comprehension and Processing of Multiple Negation by

Adolescents with Language Impairment (MA with Malka Muchnik, Hebrew Language)

Shira Bar Dayan. 2011. The Complexity of Scalar Implicatures: Evidence from SIs'

acquisition by Hebrew- speaking typically developing children and children with autistic spectrum disorder (MA with Yael Greenberg)

Olga Gupol. 2010. The Acquisition of Russian Verbal Morphosyntax in Russian-Hebrew

Bilingual Children (PhD, with Susan Rothstien)

Amal Kadri. 2010. The Early Acquisition of Palestinian Spoken Arabic Vernacular

by Uni -and Bi-Dialectical Children (PhD, with Joel Walters)

Ruth Litt-Afori. 2010. The Acquisition of Conditionals by Hebrew Speaking

Children (PhD, with Yael Greenberg)

Sharon Porat. 2010. The use of structures involving syntactic movement by English-

Hebrew Bilingual children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI) (MA)

Bat-Sheva Keren-Levisohn. 2009. The Sociopragmatics of Variation in Hebrew

Imperatives (PhD, with Joel Walters)

Dana Moldova. 2009. The narratives of bilingual children with TLD and with SLI (MA)

Orit Amiram. 2008. Processing of Competing Linguistic and Visual Clues by Children

with SLI (Specific Language Impairment) (PhD, with Susan Rothstien)

Idit Avram. 2008. The Autonomous Contribution of Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics

to the Acquisition of the Hebrew Definite System and the Relation to Theory of Mind (PhD, with Susan Rothstien)

Efrat Shimon. 2008. The Use of Prepositions by English-Hebrew Bilingual and Bilingual

SLI Children (MA)

Michal Cohen. 2008. The Relationship between Acquisition of Wh Questions and

Theory of Mind: Evidence from Pre-school High Functioning Children with ASD and Young Typically Developing Toddlers (MA)

Peri Iluz-Cohen. 2008. Language Proficiency, Language Control and Executive Control

in Bilingual Children (MA)

Efrat Harel. 2004. Very Early Child Second Language Acquisition. Do Morphological

and Syntactic Differences between L1 and L2 Still Interfere? (MA)

Orit Amiram. 2002. The Assignment of Grammatical Gender in Hebrew - Evidence from

Language Acquisition (MA)

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