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The Linguistic Profile of Preschool Arabic Speaking Children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) 

ISF 863/2014


PI1 - Elinor Saiegh-Haddad

PI2 - Sharon Armon-Lotem


26% of the children in Israel acquire Palestinian Arabic (PA) as their mother tongue and they use it during all their childhood and adolescent years as their primary language. Yet, few studies focus on Developmental Language Disorder (DLD in Arabic. The proposed research aims to address this gap by providing a systematic exploration of the linguistic profile of PA speaking preschool children with DLD, ages 5-6, using age-matched children with TLD as a comparison group. This exploration will address a wide range of linguistic abilities at the phonological, morphological, syntactic and lexical levels, and will target domains known to be compromised in DLD, using tools sensitive to this disorder. Finally, it will incorporate within this investigation important sociolinguistic factors that characterize language acquisition in PA: diglossia, dialectal variation and contact with Hebrew.        

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